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Stephane BDC Photography 2022

Stéphane BDC Photography is the photography studio of the photographer Stéphane Bureau du Colombier.
JPY means Japanese Yens and the coma « , » indicate the numbers for thousands: 10,000 JPY means ten thousands Japanese Yens.


In the next terms and conditions the person designated as « the photographer » is Stéphane Bureau du Colombier. If you have booked a model protfolio shooting you are designated as « the customer ».

The customer agrees to book the shooting for a set of  unique and iconic pictures,

The set of pictures is sent to the customer via a private webpage on the photographer’s website, this page is protected by a password, On this page the customer can see the pictures slide-show, one link to download the zip archive file with web definition pictures and another zip archive file with the 4K ones, the customer agrees that he cannot ask for the consultation of raw files or ask to see « all the pictures taken during the shooting ». The customer agrees that the customer will have the usage of them free of right. The photographer cannot use them or sell them without the customer permission, the customer agree that the photographer can use these pictures to promote his work, on his websites, social media and printed commercials, etc. The customer agrees that the customer is not the owner of the pictures, The customer cannot sell them. The customer have the rights to print them, use them on any support, share them on internet, social media, The customer have an unlimited licence for print and internet.

The customer cannot sell the rights of the pictures because the customer is not the owner. The photographer cannot sell the right of the pictures too unless the customer agreed it before, If the photographer want to sell the pictures he will contact the customer and the customer can start a negotiation to be paid for this agreement, as the subjects of the pictures is the customer, he also have the right to refuse it.

The customer agree that the photographer is the owner of the pictures, if the customer want to get the ownership of one picture the customer can contact the photographer and he will sell the customer the ownership after the customer agreed the price.

If the customer has agreed in an email, SMS, or any other message the shooting for a precise date it means the customer has booked the photographer for this date. After this, the customer can cancel his booking free of charge four days before the date, if the customer want to cancel the shooting after this date the customer have to pay 10,000 JPY compensation.

During the shooting date, if the customer is late, more than twenty minutes, because of the natural light management influence, the customer agree that the photogapher might not guarantee the final number of pictures of the choosen package.

2021 - Terms and Conditions.

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